Joel Hanson

Vice President of Sales and Business Development


Joseph Biondo

Director of Operations

Joseph Biondo has been active in the mortgage industry for more than 30 years. His specialty is in mortgage operations, and he has detailed experience in underwriting. He has hands-on knowledge in all phases of loan origination, managing and training staffs of loan underwriters and processors. He also has served as a funding manager, overseeing the doc draw and funding functions and staff. His experience led him to operations management positions at the district level. He also has built out complete mortgage operations from the ground up and ran his own brokerage for several years. Joe has held a Real Estate Broker license over 30 years. Loan product familiarity ranges from Conforming to Jumbo to Non-QM, with successful underwriting in each area. Joe currently serves as Director of Operations, overseeing the origination functions to produce quality, saleable mortgages.

Robin Kozelka

Account Executive


The team at Pacific Mortgage Capital is comprised of industry veterans who have worked across the entire spectrum of lending from conventional to non-QM to private money. This breadth of experience enables the firm to offer guidance and solutions to borrowers across diverse situations.

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Credit Solutions

Our Enhanced 500+ Loan Program offer responsible solutions for credit-impaired borrowers.

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Prime Jumbo

Our Jumbo Loan Program provides loan solutions that offer higher-balance loan amounts for qualified borrowers with full or alternative documentation.

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Investor Solutions

Investor Flex Loan Program can be underwritten to property income

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Bridge Loans

Solutions for borrowers requiring short-term financing or renovating a fixer-upper.

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